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30 August - 1 September | SMEC is delighted to attend the 27th Australia Fiji Business Forum in Sydney. Below provides a sneak peak of the team members who will be attending and more information about our work in Fiji. We look forward to meeting you at the event.

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As a member of the Surbana Jurong Group, SMEC is part of a family of specialists. We stand apart through our historically diverse, globally connected workforce, operating out of more than 40 countries with strong local relationships.

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Zahid Iqbal

Regional Manager, Pacific


Wim Frencken

Transport Manager, Pacific & Country Manager, Fiji


SMEC has operated in Fiji since 1977. With over 40 years of technical and managerial capability in the advisory, design, construction supervision and governance roles in infrastructure development, SMEC is now represented in Fiji with a permanent regional office. SMEC has assisted our clients to realise their requirements in development and engineering projects and has demonstrated strong technical and managerial capability and understanding of the local conditions and the environment.

Local Case Studies


Urban Water Supply and Wastewater Management Investment Programme - CS02B Package 2

The Rewa River Water Supply Scheme (RRWSS) addresses the current shortfall in bulk water supply and water treatment during peak demand periods and aims to improve water supply reliability across Suva-Nausori. Furthermore, the project provides additional water supply for new areas to facilitate growth in the system and enhance the overall scheme's security. The key components of the scheme include new river intake works, a raw water pump station, a water treatment plant with a capacity of 40MLD designed to accommodate a future load of 100 MLD, a 900mm diameter, 7.5km steel rising main leading to a new 10ML reservoir, and a 900mm diameter steel, 17.8km gravity pipeline connecting to the current Suva-Nausori water supply network, along with 7 steel pipe bridges. SMEC was engaged by WAF to provide comprehensive contract management and construction supervision support for the effective delivery of the proposed RRWSS.


Urban Water Supply and Wastewater Management Investment Programme - CS01B Package 1 (Part B)

In 2016, the Government of Fiji received a loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to prepare for the Urban Water Supply and Wastewater Management Investment Programme. This initiative aims to assist the Government, specifically through the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF), in a significant upgrade of water supply and wastewater infrastructure and services within the Greater Suva Area (GSA). The goal is to enhance WAF's management capabilities and service delivery. The proposed investment programme's impact is to ensure the sustainability of future growth in the GSA while also improving public health. This will lead to better access to sustainable water supply and sewerage services. SMEC was engaged by WAF to provide support for the Investment Programme Management Unit, aiding in project preparation and implementation within the programme. 


Suva Arterial Road Upgrade-Phase 2 Project (SARUP 2)

Located in Suva, the US$90 million ADB/World Bank-funded Road upgrade project aims to improve the main urban collector roads and some arterial roads in Suva city. As part of SARUP 2, the FRA is proposing to rehabilitate and upgrade 17 sections of existing sealed roads comprising of approximately 16.8 km of roads in the Greater Suva Area. For most of these roads, the works will involve pavement rehabilitation and resurfacing, widening narrow sections (within the existing road reserve) and improvement of drainage, kerb and channel and pedestrian facilities. SMEC acts as the ‘Engineer-to-Contract’ for the Project. The original project was cancelled and reverted to a traditional Design and Construction project. SMEC is responsible for the design review, contract documentation, assistance to the client with tender evaluations.


FRA TIISP 19-19A Kings Road Upgrade Project (KRUP)

SMEC has been appointed by the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) as the Engineer to the Contract, responsible for designing and managing the construction supervision of approximately 55km of Kings Road. This road constitutes a significant portion of the road network encircling the island of Viti Levu, the largest island in Fiji and home to over 600,000 people, accounting for 70% of the population. The scope of work encompasses various tasks, including conducting a topographical survey, sampling and testing materials, creating 3D models to aid in the design process, reviewing and optimizing the FRA's design, and preparing construction drawings for the contractor's use in implementation. The road upgrading project involves several aspects, such as providing shoulders and verges to enhance road alignment, constructing roadside drains and culverts, installing road furniture, and completing ancillary works to improve the existing narrow carriageway.

Global Expertise


Domestic Maritime Support Project (DMSP)

Funded by the Asian Development Bank, the project targeted improved safety and efficiency of domestic maritime transport services to reduce economic disadvantage in remote rural areas. The key project outcome was more frequent, reliable, and safer inter-island shipping services. SMEC were engaged in the role of Project Management Unit (PMU) to assist the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) with DMSP management and implementation.


Solomon Islands Roads and Aviation Project (SIRAP), Design (Phase 1) and Procurement Support (Phase 2)

Supported by the World Bank, the Pacific Aviation Investment Program (PAIP) is a regional aviation program with the development objective to improve the safety, security, efficiency, management, and environmental sustainability of airports, and  improve regional harmonization of aviation safety standards. SIRAP is part of the PAIP and aims to include both aviation and roads component in the Solomon Islands. 


Solomon Islands Domestic Port Terminal

SMEC were engaged by the Solomon Islands Port Authority to review the proposed design for a new domestic seaport terminal in the port thoroughfare of Honiara.  The new building is part of the port authority’s ongoing efforts to modernise domestic seaport travel and improve the terminal’s facilities for people travelling in and out of the capital city


Baime Hydropower

The Baime Hydropower facility will increase power supply and reliability in the Morobe, Madang and Highlands provinces of PNG. Connecting into the Ramu Network, the project will improve livelihoods for local communities whilst contributing to job creation, infrastructure development and economic growth. SMEC has had a key role in the project since its origins, having completed the pre-feasibility study in 2014. The power station houses two Pelton turbines with 5.8MW installed capacity each.


Purari Critical Works Resettlement

SMEC was appointed by Fortescue Future Industries to prepare resettlement studies and Environmental and Social Impact Assessments as part of a hydropower feasibility study on the Purari River. SMEC developed a holistic framework to determine, at a high-level, the nature and extent of likely resettlement including physical and economic displacement and an overview of the resettlement activities required.


Pilikambi Hydropower

The Pilikambi Hydropower project harnesses the energy potential from a perennial river. SMEC led feasibility studies including technical studies and environmental and social studies to determine the overall viability of the project. The project is currently poised to move to implementation which will extend rural electrification in the Enga Province by replacing diesel generation with sustainable, renewable energy.


Burum Hydropower

Finschhafen District Development Authority, AG Energy and SMEC recently collaborated to explore design options for a new hydropower generation facility. SMEC’s engineers undertook due diligence for civil, electrical, and mechanical services, as well as the topographic survey and all geological investigations. Once developed, it is anticipated that the project will generate 200MW of power for the Lae region.


Power Distribution Modernisation Project in Timor-Leste

SMEC has been contracted by Electricidade De Timor-Leste (EDTL) for the role of Project Supervision Consultants for the Power Distribution Modernisation Project in Timor-Leste. The project aims to assist EDTL in modernising the country’s power distribution system and strengthening institutional capacity. The critical project holds significant potential as it will enhance the distribution network, leading to improved electricity supply.


Bulolo Water Supply Project Concept & Detailed Design for Taun Creek

In 2020, SMEC PNG, in association with SMEC International Pty Ltd, was engaged by Water PNG Ltd as engineering consultant to assess and provide technical advice on the viability of the Taun Creek as a potential source of the Bulolo Water Supply. The assignment covered the development of concept and detailed design phases of the intake structure which included hydrological assessments on the basis of the town’s demand, ecology and water quality of the proposed site.

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