Energy Week Central Asia & Mongolia

19 - 20 September | Surbana Jurong and SMEC are delighted to join authorities and energy companies from Central Asia and Mongolia for a dialogue aimed at fostering the deployment of renewable energy in the region and attracting foreign direct investment.  We look forward to connecting with you at the event.


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As a member of the Surbana Jurong Group, SMEC is part of a family of specialists. We stand apart through our historically diverse, globally connected workforce, operating out of more than 40 countries with strong local relationships.
Sean Chiao

Sean Chiao
Group Chief Executive Officer
SMEC & Surbana Jurong International


Hari Poologasundram
Chief Executive Officer
SMEC & Surbana Jurong International

Kawa Baha photo

Kawa Baha
Executive Director
SMEC Central Asia | Caucasus | Eastern Europe


Wooi Leong Tan
Managing Director - Energy & Industrial
SMEC & Surbana Jurong International


Ruslan Nurmanov
Government & Regulatory Affairs | Senior Energy Expert
SMEC Central Asia | Caucasus | Eastern Europe


Srivathsa Manjunath
Head of Business Development
SMEC Central Asia | Caucasus | Eastern Europe

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Steering the global transition to cleaner, affordable energy security

Drawing on decades of experience, Surbana Jurong and SMEC sit at the forefront of innovation. We are committed to helping our clients build a more sustainable world and achieve the benefits offered by renewable energy solutions. Our people have developed a range of hybrid energy facilities that integrate a cohesive mix of renewable energy sources, incorporating Hydropower, Solar, Wind, Hydrogen, Thermal and Geothermal. We are adept at repurposing existing fossil fuel infrastructure to resolve challenges associated with energy storage, grid resilience, network transmission and distribution.

Surbana Jurong - SMEC Portfolio

Building Climate Resilience in Central Asia and Caucasus


Irrigation and Drainage Improvement Project 2 (IDIP2)

In Kazakhstan, water resource problems pose a major risk to national economic growth. Click into the link below to learn how SMEC is supporting investment in agriculture and irrigation improve water supply and production processes to approximately 10,000 farms located in the Almaty, Kyzylorda, South Kazakhstan, and Zhambyl Provinces.


Climate Adaptative Water Resources Management

The Uzbekistan Ministry of Water Resources has appointed SMEC as Project Implementation Consultant for the Climate Adaptative Water Resources Management project. The project will combine investment from the Republic of Uzbekistan government and the Asian Development Bank to improve climate resilience in the Aral Sea Basin. 


Vakhsh River Basin, Climate resilient water infrastructure

SMEC has been appointed to deliver Climate and Disaster Resilient Irrigation and Drainage Modernization in the Vakhsh River Basin. SMEC will help implement nature-based solutions for soil stabilisation and effective irrigation management practices that will enable a more sustainable way of life for the Tajikistan farming community. 

Global Pumped Storage Capability


Snowy 2.0

Snowy 2.0 is the next generation of the iconic Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme, and construction of this major pumped-hydro project is well underway. Snowy 2.0 will provide 2000 MW of dispatchable, on-demand renewable power and approximately 350,000-MW-hours of large-scale energy storage to the Australian National Electricity Market.


Tehri Pumped Storage

The Tehri pumped storage project (PSP) is located on the Bhagirathi River, a tributary of the Ganges River, in Uttarakhand, India. It is one of the tallest dams in the world, with a height of 260.5 meters. The Tehri PSP, will provide peaking power to the northern grid of India, improving grid stability by balancing the supply and demand of electricity (during periods of peak demand).


Borumba Pumped Hydro Energy

The Borumba Pumped Hydro Energy Scheme is an integrated energy and water brownfield development, encompassing the existing Lake Borumba as a lower reservoir. Once delivered it will support up to two million Queensland homes with 2 GW of energy and 24 hours of storage capacity, and support Australia’s target to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Global Energy Capability


Prieska Power Reserve

The Prieska Power Reserve, South Africa is a first of its kind green hydrogen and ammonia project. Phase one is scheduled to commence production in 2026 and is expected to produce 72,000 tonnes of green ammonia a year with a green hydrogen content of 12,900 tonnes through 180MW solar, 130MW of onshore wind generation and 129.4MWh of battery storage. 


Hydro Solar Hybridization

In 2023 Ghana’s first floating solar PV was connected to the grid. This forms part of the first phase of a 250MW solar project, which is being implemented in 50MW phases. SMEC was engaged by Sienna Services Limited as engineering partner to support the Bui Power Authority’s mission to develop renewable energy in Ghana through the Hydro Solar Hybridization Framework.


Sun Cable’s Australia-Asia PowerLink

The Australia-Asia PowerLink will be one of the largest renewable energy projects in the world. Harnessing solar energy from Australia’s Northern Territory, the project will store and deliver competitively priced renewable electricity into Darwin and Singapore. The project, led by Sun Cable, aims to provide 3.2 Gigawatts of dispatchable electricity and could power up to 15% of Singapore’s electricity needs.


Yarrenlea Solar Farm

The Yarranlea Solar Farm produces enough energy to power 32,000 homes and connects to the power grid using existing Ergon Energy infrastructure, located adjacent to the site development. The solar farm is responsible for transmitting power into Toowoomba QLD via the Middle Ridge Bulk Supply Substation. SMEC’s commitment to client service and technical excellence is reflected in the high-quality outcomes achieved on the project. 


Hung Hai Gia Lai Wind Farm

Hung Hai Gia Lai Wind Farm is helping Vietnam meet energy demand and alleviate power shortages. SMEC was engaged by the financier and developer to undertake the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) to adhere to the International Finance Corporation’s environmental and social performance standards. 


Baime Hydropower Project

Baime is part of PNG Power Limited’s Fifteen Year Power Development Plan which aims to reduce energy production from fossil fuel and transition towards clean renewable hydroelectric energy. Located in one of the remotest places in the world, SMEC successfully delivered the 11.6 MW project providing full engineering services from inception to completion. 


Tangguh LNG Maintenance Management

In accordance with the client’s Maintenance Programme, SJ - SEMC was engaged to provide technical services related to the maintenance of fixed plant and mobile assets. Over 150 mechanical technicians were deployed to conduct maintenance activities associated with equipment, tools and necessary consumables, ensuring that BP’s reliability and operational performance targets were met.


Ghana Power Compact

This extensive power sector development program aims to reduce poverty through sustainable economic growth. SMEC was first appointed by the Millennium Development Authority (MiDA) in 2017 to provide engineering design, project management supervision and technical expertise.

Global Energy Insights & Thought Leadership


Qazaq Green Association in Kazakhstan

SMEC joined the Qazaq Green Association in Khazakhstan as a member in November 2022. With global expertise and as a trusted partner for our clients, SMEC has significant experience in renewables projects and enabling sustainability objectives in key infrastructure projects.


Uzbekistan International Partnership Initiatives

The Government of Uzbekistan, in partnership with the UNDP hosted International Partnership Week In July. As part of the program Kawa Baha, Ececutive Director - CAR for SMEC, was invited to join an esteemed panel discussion titled ‘The Need to Save Water Resources is the Requirement of Time’.


Hydropower Insights by Karen Atkinson

Karen Atkinson, COO for South East Asia & Pacific – SMEC & Surbana Jurong, shares insights on how hydropower will build the sustainable nations and communities of the future. As we move to a more sustainable future, hydropower must reprise that nation-building, nature-enhancing role.


SMEC & FFI Engineering Partnership Agreement

In June, Fortescue Future Industries and SMEC announced the establishment of an Engineering Partnership Agreement. This agreement enables SMEC to provide engineering services to support FFI in their goal to harness the world’s renewable energy resources to produce green electricity, hydrogen, ammonia, and other green industrial products.


Transporting and Distributing Green Fuel Hydrogen: Singapore

In the pursuit of alternative energy sources, green hydrogen has emerged as a promising source of clean energy, adaptable to all types of transport and storable for long periods of time. However, the green hydrogen economy will not succeed without a safe and efficient infrastructure for transportation of hydrogen.


Podcast: Towards a Net Zero Future

Transitioning to renewable energy is often a delicate balance between reliability, sustainability and affordability. Tan Wooi Leong, Managing Director for Energy & Industrial at Surbana Jurong explains this trilemma facing the path to a net zero future.


Building A Hydrogen-Powered Ecosystem In Industrial Clusters

SJ is helping modern industrialists explore decarbonisation linkages within industrial clusters to leverage economy of scale. Explore how our engineers are envisioning a new industrial ecosystem powered by hydrogen and renewable energy sources, complemented by sustainable energy storage systems.


Ammonia as an Alternative Energy to Fossil Fuels

While ammonia has long been used as an industrial chemical and nitrogen fertiliser, it could soon also serve as fuel, with new applications including transportation and power generation. As an energy carrier that can contribute to decarbonisation efforts, ammonia has an exceptional energy density compared to hydrogen.

Graphic of Central Asia Projects

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